Deeper Than Rape

Whenever rape is brought up, the room tenses. Silence seeps in. Niggas get shifty. Energies begin to fill the air: pain, guilt, fear, avoidance, denial, anger, sympathy, dismissal. I‘ve seen it happen. I’ve felt it happen.  Read More

Will Dark Skinned Women Ever Be Loved?

Black is Beautiful, ALL Shades of Black.  You would think that this would be a no-brainer in these times of “wokeness,” but it seems that after all this time, many of us are still “color struck,” showing obvious favor to light-skinned people as opposed to those of us who are of a darker hue. Read More

Respect and Black Men

In a drinking game segment, Drink Champs host Noriega asks guests to pick one: loyalty or respect. Most of the people I’ve heard go with loyalty, explaining that someone can respect you and still do you dirty. In fact, it’s basically the only answer that makes sense, because respect has little value if the person in question feels they owe you nothing.  Read More

Community Protection

The world we live in operates off of rules and regulations, codes of conduct, and parameters that dictate how groups and individuals interact with one another. Read More

Where The Money Go?

There are a lot of opinions about the “Defund the Police” movement, but as an abolitionist and someone who loves data, it is one of the most successful campaigns in terms of concrete wins that I have seen in awhile - especially for a campaign that grew from a moment of spontaneous mobilizing. Read More

What is a Capitalist?

Written by Asa ShawAn Article from WARTIME Issue No. 4 There is a specter haunting our people. It covers our eyes and prompts us to… Read More

Money, Power, Respect Intro

It feels so good to have it.  To know it’s yours.  It feels like you’re closer to the image of the men you grew up admiring.  Feels like you conquered a piece of the world and you’re rewarded for what you did. It’s status.  It’s comfort.  It’s safety.  It’s power.  It’s attraction.  It’s a dream come true.  An American Dream. Read More

Revoking Cash Bail

Written by Ronnie AyminArticle from WARTIME Issue No. 4 Angela Davis once said, “I am no longer accepting the things that I cannot change. Read More