Theory Thursday: Healing During WARTIME

By Jeremy Herte June 27, 2024

One of our themes this year at Black Men Build is “Healing During WARTIME.” 

But what does that mean?

Back in February, BMB gathered at the historic Highlander Center in Knoxville, Tennessee to game plan the year. 

Half of the retreat was a somatic healing session as we worked on being centered in our bodies. We healed together as a team and took time to be present before starting the year. 

We know there’s a war outside our doors, but we can’t wait to heal. We must heal and fight simultaneously. 

We invite you to next week’s Theory Thursday as we dive a bit deeper into what Healing During WARTIME means for us as a community both in the present day and historical contexts.  We’ll also be sharing a few of the somatic practices that we learned at Highlander. 

In the meantime, think about this question: what does healing during WARTIME mean to you? 

Watch the entire conversation below: