Cornel West x WARTIME Interview

By admin June 15, 2024

Originally published in WARTIME SUMMER 2024

In April of 2024, Ekundayo, Black Men Build’s Director of Political Education & Culture, interviewed Dr. Cornel West during which they touched on various topics, from personal milestones to social causes.

Cornel shared insights from his upcoming lectures on philosophy and jazz music, emphasizing love, community connection, vulnerability, intimacy, and wounded healing. He and Ekundayo delved into the interplay between Black culture and white supremacy, advocating for freedom and the end of wars. Cornel emphasized the need for abolition in various forms to challenge militarized mentalities.

The discussion extended to societal issues like mass incarceration, economic disparity, and political hypocrisy. Cornel criticized leaders who perpetuate violence and ignore human suffering while highlighting the importance of truth-telling to expose injustices. They exchanged thoughts on influential figures like Harriet Tubman as models for collective liberation dedication.

West stressed the importance of personal freedom within the constraints of love and responsibility. The interview concluded with mutual appreciation for meaningful conversations reflecting a genuine connection rooted in shared values of justice and freedom.


Watch the entire conversation with Cornel West below: