Cannabis Industry & Reparations

By admin November 11, 2022

from WARTIME ISsue No. 4 / BMB Mass Meeting

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We all know that the “War on Drugs” has been a War on our Communities.  The United States has a racist history that has continued to push us into an informal economy that has pressured us to participate in economic activity that isn’t always legal to make sure that our kids eat.  

There are paths forward for our community to reverse the devastation of the decades-long war on drugs in our community.  As Marijuana policy in this country changes, there are new economic opportunities, and we need to have the right mindset to ensure that our communities take full advantage of them.

We took time to talk about the path forward.  Our two guests represent political and entrepreneurial paths forward for our communities.

Brother Alonzo Waheed is an organizer from E.A.T. (Equity and Transformation) in Chicago. He talks about the work they have been doing to lead on Reparations for Black people in Illinois, specifically leveraging the current moment as marijuana is becoming legal.

Brother Jesce Horton joins us from California with his perspective as a successful entrepreneur working in the Marijuana industry with his company  LOWD (Love Our Weed Daily)