The Revolution is at a Gala

By admin January 24, 2022

Oh, you lookin for Revolution?

Revolution is at a gala

Gucci clutch

Birkin bagged

Award winning

paneling at the people.

Revolution get paid well

Upwardly mobile

Can make you middle class

Make your dreams come true

When you wish upon the star 

it made you,

Revolution make you seen

Make you magic

Make you represented

Make you vogue Magazine printed.

Revolution make movies, man

New york times best sellers

Story tellers,

got a million followers no leaders

I seen it.

Sashay’ing a runway in red bottoms

Revolution just launched a promising rap career. 

Whoever said the revolution wouldn’t be televised…

Hella lied.

I seen it on CNN nightly.

So don’t you ask me where’s the revolution?

Is you blind? 

You ain’t heard?

Revolution got a 60 second Super Bowl spot.

Just dropped a hot pair of ALL BLACK Off Whites. 


Revolution drippin in Balenciaga, bulletproof Patagonia

Revolution don’t care if you banker, or politician or president or actor or Brooklyn billionaire cuzz

Revolution rooting for errbody black.

Revolution binge-worthy, 

Revolution first class.

Revolution blue check, verified

Celebrity certified.

Revolution a daredevil stunt man.


There Revolution go

parachuting again.

Skydiving onto yo block.

Oh Revolution you so fly, 

you make this shit look so easy

So Black

So effortless, so easy.

Revolution too cool for school, 

too good for the hood.

Too much class for the masses.

Revolution on Disney…


Revolution got a GoFundMe overflowing off white guilt.

Got a OnlyFans for the liberal stans.

Still lookin for Revolution?

Revolution on a African American World Tour.

Revolution in they bag

And yo bag too

Revolution Be Coming

To an arena near you.

Just wait.

Revolution’s coming.  That’s what they say.

All you gotta do is…

Watch this video…

Subscribe to this channel…

Follow this page…

Buy this shirt…

Pose for this pic…

And boom.

You can be Revolution too.

Artwork by Basil Kincaid