Organizing in the Biden/Harris Administration

By admin March 2, 2022

Written by Tef Poe for WARTIME Issue 3

When it comes to presidential elections, niggas need to know they  ain’t voting for shit  besides the opportunity to let American Airlines or Delta decide who runs the free world. They also need to know the difference between the United States and America. The USA is a fictional creature which was created with deeply disadvantageous intentions for anyone who wasn’t born an upright walking white man. But we reaffirm the bullshit everyday, niggas can’t even hold the fucking line when watching the presidential inauguration of all things.

A crystalized ceremony which celebrates the grossly romanticized successes of the New Rome.  Democracy is a goddamn myth, transformed into an  all out lie. We’ve never had no form of a fucking choice.  

As beautiful as Dr. Angela Davis’ words are, you can’t eat one of her speeches.Certain types of people know all the history, they know all the important dates, they’ve read all the books. By observing their actions and  ignoring their words, you’ll quickly notice the very place they sleep is an unorganized trainwreck.

Mind blowing how the self professed queerest revolutionary  generation ever born consistently sells soul. No differently than the predominantly hard legged Black male centric era before now. For the sake of reaffirming the deadliest mixture of heteronormalcy, rapid capitalism, and faux representation Black “America ” has ever seen, the movement’s  political line doesn’t really exist. 

Revolutionary cap rap is the theme of our lives. Motherfuckers are really afraid of revolution, because it means we ourselves will finally have to carry our own bullshit.

The industry of Black pain has improved the quality of life for morally sound HBCU babies turned societal do-gooders. And hip hop artists looking for a way to legitimize their intellectualism (aka anybody who needs a check during the pandemic. )

The last election proxied itself as one where we all came together and made a critical choice… but in reality we chose another rapist, another white man, and another almost Black political barrier breaker who made a career for herself by locking up niggas who look like us.

Niggas was cheering for the Trillateral Commision in real life and that shit is brazy!

The streets never had a choice in this matter, it was always above us. 

Defunding the police is an accurate necessity for where we are right now. Abolish America is even greater though. Rivers of blood follow the motions of the oligarchs, stampeding over Black people globally, while Michelle Obama does the Dougie on Sesame Street with Big Bird and Elmo. George Bush is niggas new white uncle. Same niggas watching the Royal Wedding and cheering for the fucking British Empire. And now we celebrate Biden and Harris for expanding the imperial reach of the establishment’s power. Perverted Bill Clinton is our friend again. Hillary’s sins are forgiven. It’s the same shit over and over again. 

The gun busters, the inmates, and the lone outcasts still haven’t found a seat at the table. The power is still vastly in the hands of gatekeepers and social climbers. In return this creates confusion, false alliances, shaky relationships, conspiracy theories, and spookism. Many of us are within risk of being considered the new white people amongst Black people. In the trenches, Black boys are turning into sex workers for money, sucking a white man’s dick and balls for a piece of a cheeseburger. 

Black Trans women are getting raped and killed like dogs and niggas are still scared to talk about it because the case study for curating authenticity says we can’t keep it that real. 

Who will overextend themselves in the name of loving Black people for real? Who determines what is required for freedom to become an actualized concept?

Our real problems aren’t even on the menu of discussion. No ballot box has ever provided a solution for this reality.