New Men Must Be Born

By admin November 11, 2022

by phil agnew

From WARTIME Issue No. 4

“These are new men, new types of human beings … These men have perspective. Know particularly that they glory in the struggle. They are not demoralized or defeated or despairing persons. They are leaders, but are rooted deep among those they lead.”

– CLR James

New men must be born.  

Men, who are ready to meet this moment head on.  Men who know that the old normal was death.  Men who are unafraid to love themselves and their people.  Men who can face the man in the mirror with joy and pride. 

New Men must be born. 

Men who refuse to succumb to The numbness.  Men who use their feeling to inspire action.  Men who are tired of killing ourselves, tired of watching our world burn, tired of watching our schools crumble, our families struggle, our neighborhoods be sold, our brothers and sisters stolen.

New Men must be born.  

Men who can confront their minds and explore their interior worlds. Men who aren’t controlled by pain and tricked by trauma.  Men who protect their partners, teach their people, defend their legacies.

New Men must be born.  

Men who find power in joy, who find freedom in a healed heart, who find strength in their love, who find fulfillment in service.

New Men must be born.  

Men who aren’t fooled by the Master’s tools, who aren’t seduced by Black faces in White places, who aren’t guided by greed.  Men with integrity and curiosity.

New Men must be born.

Men who aren’t obsessed with the ways of the West.  Their fears, their wars, their phobias, their selfishness, their savagery.  Men ready to reclaim our souls, our smiles, our standards, our stories.

It’s past time to prepare for the War that is at our doors.  Our true Ops are assembled, organized, and aligned.  Their agenda is a return to the old ways of Black men being their allies, their bullies, their bucks, their boys. 

The Old world is dying….And if Black Men are still talking about ‘money, cars, hoes and clothes’ then our people are dead. We are more than the men in their movies, on their money, in their history books.  

We’re calling you.  Join us as we fight for the souls of our cities, the lives of our families, the future of our people.  

We bring peace to the New Men across the country.  

Become a member.  Build a Circle.  Strengthen your mind.  Start a Hub.  Serve our people.  Struggle for a new world being born.  Join us. 

History isn’t made, it’s built. 

Black Men Build.