By Black Men Build June 20, 2021

We gather for all of those who know the feeling of constructing the soul of a warrior. 

To those who have played a role in shaping our ingredients of self.  We say we love you. 

They say Black fathers don’t exist and we resist that notion. 

For every big brother, big homie, Uncle, Cousin, and nephew who had to step up and fill those shoes. 

Fatherhood is deeper than biology.   We dedicate this to the Queen and King makers. The seed growers and the nurturers.  The brothers who specialize in making a way when there is none. 

All because they know what it’s like for their children’s hungry stomachs to depend on them to get the job done.  

The most revolutionary thing a Black Man can do is raise his children. 

Today we celebrate the Black men who have dedicated their lives to the front lines of fatherhood. Black Men Build.

Written by Tef Poe. Narrated by GLC.