Black Men Build 2023 Impact Report

By admin February 5, 2024

“I chose BMB, not to try and define “men”, but to connect the attributes that make me who I am, to those people with the same mindset. So we can be the change the world challenges us to be.”

– Mike Mac, member of BMB NYC

In our 2023 Annual Impact Report, we spotlight our significant milestones as an organization and the nationwide impact of our initiatives.

As we approach our fourth year, the threat to Black life continues to escalate under the weight of economic, political, and ecological crises. The attack on democracy, including successful attempts to disenfranchise, intimidate, and misinform Black voters, threatens our ability to build the type of nonpartisan independent political power necessary to mitigate harm while advancing structural changes.

Black Men Build is consistently and effectively engaging thousands of Black Men online and in cities across the country. Our work has produced a proven vehicle for political engagement, personal transformation, and community change. With your support, we can recruit more Black men into the broader movement for gender, racial, and economic justice.

Black Men Build Hubs are the nerve center for our organization. In 2023 we saw increased growth with dues paying members, values pledge signees, and increased programming across all of our hubs. In 2024, we expect to continue to grow and expand into 8 more cities across the country.

In year three of Black Men Build, we firmly established our Men’s Circles as the foundation of our organization. Our Men’s Circles keep us organized and provide us with a foundation of trust and brotherhood.

In a critical 2024, we must have Black Men in our coalition more than ever. Our opposition has spent years investing hundreds of millions into a strategy to recruit Black men. With your support, Black Men Build has built a crucial force for change, nurturing trust and mobilizing action among the very communities that our coalition needs the most.

To view and download the entire report visit: Black Men Build 2023 Impact Report