Protecting Black Women in our communities & In the World

Written by Tef Poe for WARTIME Issue 3. Photography by Nick Green

It’s the highest privilege in the world to walk outside anytime you wish and not worry about being physically raped while you jog down the street.

It’s a greater privilege to know that, by chance, if this does happen, the rest of the world will give a fuck. It’s even more of a privilege to move through this world and never, ever have to even think about discussing your safety. Black people aren’t safe in this world, but the physical security of all Black Women needs to be our highest priority. 

We have all lied to the women in our lives.

But that’s mainly because Black Men don’t want to admit  the truth – we often feel fucking powerless in a white man’s world. We proxy ourselves as strong and noble but we ain’t proved the shit yet. For some magical reason, our  homeboys are the only niggas in the world  who would never sexually assault a Black Woman. We, ourselves,  are inexplicably the exact – and only – niggas who would never dare rape a woman. Rape is still occurring. Black Women are pleading with us. But Black Men tend to act like taking ownership of that shit is too much of a challenge.

 It’s easier to rape, kill, shoot, and leave a Black Woman for dead, then it is for niggas to admit that we have been groomed to hate our sisters. We hate her beauty, we hate her body, and we hate her upward mobility.  The Black Woman’s mind is always enduring a state of disrespect, so you know damn right niggas don’t respect her body. 

We don’t have any issues with colorism either. The rest of the world certainly does, but not us. Now, imagine if this was true.  Currently these are stationary talking points for “cool” Black Men. Maybe you read a lil bit of Bell Hooks so that makes you better than the niggas who haven’t?  You got in front of your shit before it became a PR  crisis?  Reaffirming comments and conversational  jargon we spill while our woke fuck buddy stops by for her  bi-weekly dick appointment. Some drinks are drank, some music is played, and some weed is smoked. Your bodies collide, she comes, she doesn’t, at the end of the day  the wordplay is all metadata, minutia, rubble.  

Black Women aren’t safe in this white man’s world.

Black Men as a group aren’t mentally  prepared to decolonize our minds and go to war for them. Mainly because we still fear these honkies and it’s been that way since the slave ships. Yes, there are brave men, bold enough to speak. But to speak for a Black Woman means a motherfucker better be ready to die. Niggas haven’t determined whether or not we’re willing to take it that far though. But we’ll die for Nike, Gucci, Fendi, and Prada, if no one else is looking.  

I honestly could give two fucks about any of the academic assessments and definitions. But I do use words like, “if any nigga tries to harm a Black Woman in your presence, you better fuck him up. If you’re feeling antsy let him live, if he’s white blow his brains out. If he’s a rapist we should cut his dick off

Sisters die for Black men from birth, rather directly or indirectly, but we can’t even find a way to unify behind our debt to her liberation efforts.

The soapboxing, bare-chested, testosterone-driven bullshit we shove down everyone’s fucking throats, like its some type of  pharmaceutical medicine, has no home here.  

Black Women are disposable, because Dr.Dre said so.  We won’t say shit, don’t do shit, when the pigs gun down sisters who talk the same exact revolutionary bullshit as us. Our stomachs get knotted when a Black Woman dies because we know we ain’t gone do shit. Our anxiety rises because we might actually want to but if you’re still scared of the white man then there’s nothing else to say about it. Penitentiary chances get took in the name of selling crack to Black mothers, but damn sure not in the name of defending them. Rap records get made about fucking Black Women to death, but never about standing up to save their lives. 

It’s crazy how Black Women are “whores” and “bitches”  so whatever happens to them is their own fault. It’s crazy how we still falsely predicate our existence around make believe strength, dick sizes, bank accounts, diamonds, and rolexes (even though your shit is fake).

I do the same shit as you my nigga.  Everybody has the right to decide what becomes of her body besides her. It’s all learned behavior from this colonial experiment called Amerikkka. 

Either way freedom will be obtained for somebody.  White Supremacy will be challenged, like always.  Sexism and the fear of a liberated Black Woman will be met with its own violence.  The Black man is nothing but a puppet on a string until he decides to prioritize the safety of all Black Women. 



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