Black August is a commemoration of the lives of fallen freedom fighters and political prisoners. During this month we raise awareness of conditions inside the prisons, we educate ourselves the history of Black & African resistance in the US and throughout the diaspora, and we recommit ourselves to the struggle of liberation and Black Independence_

We invite you to join the most dedicated Brothers of Black Men Build during the month of Black August to observe the three tenets: Fasting (Sunup to SunDown), Study (Reading Groups), and Training.

There will be multiple ways to get involved in Black August and to stay supported and connected to other Black Men participating in Black August. Our leadership staff and our field team will be part of all Black August programming and present for guidance.

Next Steps

    • Stay connected with our Black August Calendar to keep track of all flea days, break fast days, reading group events, our August Mass Meeting, and any live activations we have planned.
    • Join our Black August Slack Channel for daily checkins and to stay connected with Black Men who are fasting, training and studying.
    • Join our Black August Run Club on the Nike Run Club App. Brothers from across the country will be participating. Make sure to download the Nike Run Club App to participate.

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